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Advantages of Vide's Dry Suction/Dry Seal Versus Vide's Water Seal Chest Drain

  • Intuitive Sliding Suction Control panel - no more need for finding and filling sterile water!

  • Knock-over nozzle to ensure Function is retained even after unit is accidentally knocked over

  • 7-Scale Air Leak Monitor for more precise air leak quantification 8-Discrete Suction Levels with Suction Control Indicator

        -5cmH2O, -10cmH2O, -15cmH2O, -20cmH2O -25cmH2O, -30cmH20, -35cmH2O & -40cmH2O

  • Y-Shape Sampling Port with self-sampling needless feature, allowing access to fresh blood samples

  • Low Positive Pressure Relief Valve release automatically at 2cmH2O

  • Negative Pressure Relief Valve release automatically during prolonged episode of negative intrapleural pressue

  • Suction and Negative Pressure Indicators allow easy visualization of the status of the unit

  • Vide's Calibrated Dry Suction Chest Drain can maintain consistent suction control at varying negative pressure or flow

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Vide Water Seal Chest Drainage Unit